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What makes us a Scout Group?

What makes us a Scout Group?

The 1st Stanmore Scout Group opened on the 9th of December 1929 and has been in existence under several guises during that time. We have been active in our current form since 1994.


Our mission

Our mission at 1st Stanmore is to allow our young members to explore the wide range of activities that are available to them. From a simple morning hike through to a sport or pass-time such as gliding.

Scouting was 100 years old in 2007. Founded in 1907 by Lord Robert Baden Powell, scouting has grown to become a recognised movement worldwide. 2019 marks another big milestone for 1st Stanmore, as the group celebrates its 25th year of successful scouting. We run several exciting camps at a range of campsites in England. These provide our Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Young Leaders, Adult Leaders and helpers with an opportunity to enjoy every minute of their time in the group.

Where possible we will use the expertise of adult leaders within the Scout Association. When this is not possible we will use professionals to give our young people the chance to participate in anything and everything we possibly can.

Our Young People

We aim to help our 6 to 14 year olds grow both physically, emotionally and spiritually through being a member of our group. We hope they will learn to work as part of a team as well as attaining some level of self sufficiency. All scouting groups have been required to welcome both boys and girls since 2007. However, 1st Stanmore have welcomed girls and boys for many years prior to that. We now have a good mix of boys and girls in all scouting sections.

The young people will start out as dependent, aspire to become independent then become inter-dependant as they begin to see the importance of helping others as well understanding the need to receive help from others. They will make new friends, learn new skills, and most of all, learn to respect themselves and others and have fun in everything they do.


We encourage our young people to take an active part in the Scout Associations award based training program and are active in The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

Our Group

1st Stanmore Scout Group is responsible for three Scouting sections. The Group Scout Leader, Derek Green, is responsible for overseeing the group. He ensures each section is healthy and supports each sectional leader to ensure that our young people are deriving maximum benefit from membership of The Scout Association.

The Scouters leading each section are responsible for the organising of the program for that section. They also liaise with other sections to ensure each section is passing its young people onwards and upwards. Moving up the ladder to the next section is always daunting, but we try to ensure our young members are looking forward to moving on.

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